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July 5, 2010

I've undone most of Murphy's work, of course changing some things in the process, because I like redecorating, especially when it's as easy physically as it is.

In the menu on the left you'll find under Storylines links to information about my writing projects. To make things easy on myself I've grouped the nth-ologies, and I still have work to add in the standalones.
Just below you can open up some articles on the worlds involved.

Pure, under samples, collects samples from manuscripts, while storylines derived collects stories related to the storylines or standalones from the above section, usually created for character or world building means. The rest is self-explanatory, I guess.

Status is where I do some bookkeeping; this information is certainly not the latest, since bookkeeping is time consuming and I prefer to write instead of count beans all day.

Down at the bottom of the menu, under latest changes, is a small list of most recent modified articles.





June 7, 2010



and he made me delete my database


so, even more than before: work in progress