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I'm a Belgian, born in 1974 in Germany as An Daems.

I started writing as soon as I had learned the necessary symbols humans conventionally use to convey information, mostly for personal entertainment. Somewhere in the past I decided to turn my writings into English, mostly because the SF/F pond is small enough as it is, without limiting it to the Dutch language. Over the years I've "finished" some manuscripts, for which I'm currently seeking an agent or publisher.

My penname (Anna Wildheit) is derived from "the girl with the wild hair", which is what my mother used to call me in my rebellious teens, when I forwent the brush and comb.

I'm married since 1997, and have opted for a child-free life. The hubby and I share the house with Steerpike, Pipsqueak and Dalroi, and whatever creatures they drag in, dead or alive.