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Jayce Wolfram

Jayce Wolfram lives in a world where machines are made from people.

She serves as 'triggerman' aboard the Fledermaus, a heavy unit battleship that sees lots of front action. Together with the other triggermen, she serves as neuroframe for one of the ship's guns. Jayce's heartman, Aris, calls her 'pistol lady'. He scares her.

Things are not well aboard the Fledermaus, not only the spoilage of war. When they go to battle Jayce becomes part of Aris, together with the other limbmen. Except, they both aren't always sure this is the truth...


Dreams of Cold Stone

When Bisces, Hero of Pi and Lord of House Eleazar, awakens in the capital of the barbarian North, he finds himself stuck in a younger body and banned from the telepathic Harmony--an experimental punishment for murderers.

Set up by Lord Oriass during a vicious power struggle, Bisces now has to find a way to return to Tamarisk, to take revenge, and restore rightful order.

Azas, disowned heir of Amos and puppet of Oriass, who hated Bisces' guts even before he turned murderer, spent twenty years amongst barbarians to watch over Bisces' second life.

They were brothers once, making the trust between them all the harder won. But Azas needs a Hero to see him home, and, if Bisces is to clear his name, he needs time to prove his innocence and win Azas' trust...