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Barynn Trilogy




Sometimes you need a little time away from your life to re-evaluate it.

This is exactly what Yama Pandor, empress of Barynn, finds out in the darkness of the dungeon her usurprous sister imprisoned her in.

After three years, Yama escapes to the countryside of her homeland, swearing bloody revenge. But as she builds her strengths and prepares for war, the rustic life teaches her that in the great capital of the empire, Anbar, she will always be a prisoner of sorts. For the good of the people, she must dispose of her despotic sister, but will she reclaim the throne?

Exposed to the elfin Imari culture and other aberrant worldviews, Yama sets herself a new goal: peace and equality for all, especially between the humans and the imari. But not all of her allies will welcome her brave new world, and the wheels of war have been set in motion.

Can she really change the world without reclaiming the throne?




Here the story of Yama continues...




The saga continues with Yama's son...



Barynn is a flat world, roughly the size of the Eurasian continent, surrounded by mountains so high, no man has ever been able to cross them. Several humanoid races populate this disc-like world.

The time bears similarities to the Victorian age, except that black powder doesn't exist, and steam engines won't work even if science dictates they should. Science and technology flourish though, sustained as well as limited by the institute known as the Association of the Blue Spheres. After all, when science and technology can be interpreted as a way to escape the state of sin the one true god, Ordin, imposed on humans, the application of science becomes an act bordering on sin that needs strict supervision.

The now dominant human race claims the whole of the world as their Empire, even if they only truly control half of it. The driving power behind the Empire and its throne is the Brotherhood of the Green Pyramid, whose priests are specialized in knowing the will of Ordin, and appoint his representatives on earth accordingly.

However, over one third of the world population consists of Imari, called “elves” by humans, whose ancient culture has collapsed since the rise of the humans. Most imari tribes live secluded in the woods of Myth, but the territories at the edge testify to the human invasion of the elven realm. Some countries have become fully human kingdoms, with all the problems of a minority-existence for the imari. Other countries have remained imari domains, proud and belligerent up to the point of racist, still at war with their human neighbours. Ever since the Great War between Myth and the Empire over a hundred years ago, an uneasy atmosphere of mutual prejudice and hatred has arisen, emphasizing the physical and cultural differences between the two major races of Barynn.

One of these differences involves the way an individual can gain magical powers.  To the Imari, magic seems to be an inherent ability for which the surrounding nature gives them enough power. A human, on the other hand, needs to go through a series of life-threatening tests to gain a source of power, and several years of study to master the Arts. The Master of the Purple Tower in the Forbidden, the third institute of power of the humans, regulates this whole process.

Barynn 1

246.350 (v.4.0) 

Barynn 2

214.700 (v.2.1)

Barynn 3

72.650 (v.1.0)