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UTA Hexalogy


Two sets of three books narrating the adventures of Konrad Kyarneck and Conway Coohellan. They both were a successful team of the UTA Horde, but circumstances have split them up. Space-opera with noir and Celtic myth influences.

Science Fiction


Tiger of Opal

When a blue-skinned Denebban telepath asks Konrad to pilot a DoubleDragon, as in the old days before his desk job, Konrad receives this chance on adventure like the universe worse joke. A botched mission on Deneb in the old days had him in need of years of therapy, and a deep-rooted hate for all things telepathic, damned Denebban smurfs included.

But sometimes you are destined to get what you wished for, and the smurf is only the tip of the iceberg that is Konrad's past as the Universal Trade Agency's Hordeman. And unlike in the old days, his teammate Conway is not there to watch his back.



Man of Mercury

The new order in the universe, where the Universal Trade Agency is muzzled and declawed, looms on the horizon. Some Hordeman transfer to safer jobs, others leave the UTA to go into hiding with the loot they accumulated over lifetimes.

Before the UTA comes crashing down, Conway needs to kill the one man who has proven unkillable before, the one mission that was the bane of the Coohellan-Kyarneck team, or it will haunt him forever.

But Jack Manana is still a difficult man to kill, and without Konrad backing him up, even a telepathic and metaquantic flatliner  like Conway might end up in trouble.



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