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Dreams of Cold Stone

Science Fantasy


When Bisces, Hero of Pi and Lord of House Eleazar, awakens in the capital of the barbarian North, he finds himself stuck in a younger body and banned from the telepathic Harmony--an experimental punishment for murderers.

Set up by Lord Oriass during a vicious power struggle, Bisces now has to find a way to return to Tamarisk, to take revenge, and restore rightful order.

Azas, disowned heir of Amos and puppet of Oriass, who hated Bisces' guts even before he turned murderer, spent twenty years amongst barbarians to watch over Bisces' second life.

They were brothers once, making the trust between them all the harder won. But Azas needs a Hero to see him home, and, if Bisces is to clear his name, he needs time to prove his innocence and win Azas' trust...



An innocent looking eclipse sparks off a cataclysm on an Earth-colonized planet. The oldest settlement, and scientific base, turns into poisonous wasteland, and all communication with Earth is lost. The two other main colonies suffer near complete technological breakdown and the loss of crucial knowledge.

In between those two lies Rotrange; a mountainous area inhabited by the Vunderjacks, the planet's indigenous race of brutal, man-eating hunters. Their few enigmatic tools and weapons betray they too once had a technologically advanced culture. Most prized tool of survival in this all male society is the juvenex, a rejuvenation device that has covered the loss of their females for centuries.

The chosen ones were changed in the Apocalypse, but the Goddess is a harsh mistress. Over the centuries the Tamariskans have found ways to reconcile her demand for a life without technology with the needs of modern life. But the Apocalypse could happen again, and some feel being neither fish nor flesh could damn them all for good this time...

Something is rotten in the city-states of Tamarisk. After the petty power struggles of the Assassin Wars, the idealistic but botched Technocratic Rebellion, and the brutality of the continuing Rotrange War, the Tamariskans stubbornly believe their society to be peaceful, their commitment to the Goddess to be true.
Though, not all of them would agree...

Bisces Eleazar, a Hero and lord in the city-state of Pi, knows things that mean power--power to do good or evil. This makes him the target of a plot that leads to him waking up in a younger body in the capital of the North, banned from the telepathic Harmony of Pi, as a convicted murderer. He finds time has not stood still, and he must set about the business of clearing his name all the more urgently...

Dreams of Cold Stone

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